Monday, September 14, 2009

Georgia Natural Gas First Georgia Marketer to Obtain Recycled Natural Gas from Landfill

/PRNewswire/ -- Georgia Natural Gas (GNG), the state's leading natural gas provider, is the first and only natural gas marketer in Georgia to obtain recycled natural gas from a landfill, helping to conserve Georgia's precious natural resources. Specially designed equipment at the landfill collects the methane gas and makes it ready for consumer use.

GNG began purchasing the recycled gas from Georecover-Live Oak LLC, a Jacoby Development company, in early 2009. Georecover oversees processing of the gas at the Live Oak Landfill in DeKalb County, Georgia. The landfill is capable of producing enough natural gas to fuel approximately 15,000 Georgia homes and has a potential life cycle of about 20 years. GNG has exclusive rights to purchase all of the recycled gas produced at the landfill through 2011.

This week GNG launches its fall marketing campaign that focuses on GNG's leadership in obtaining recycled natural gas. Television, radio, billboards, print, direct mail and online marketing efforts will feature a distinctive flickering blue flower in the shape of a gas burner, symbolizing a clean-burning energy source.

"Georgia Natural Gas is very proud to be the first natural gas marketer in Georgia to obtain recycled natural gas," said Mike Braswell, president and CEO of GNG. "Turning landfill waste material into a clean-burning resource helps preserve our natural resources, and it gives our customers a way to help the environment simply by being a GNG customer. Natural gas is already one of the cleanest, most plentiful energy sources, and with the availability of recycled natural gas, natural gas is more compatible than ever with the country's energy goals."

What is recycled natural gas?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), landfills are the largest single human source of methane gas emissions in the United States, accounting for 25 percent of all methane sources. Methane is a greenhouse gas with a high global warming potential. Landfill methane gas is generated during the natural process of bacterial decomposition of organic material contained in municipal landfills. New technologies have made it possible to capture and combust the methane gas, breaking it apart to form water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other compounds that are less volatile than methane.

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