Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Georgia Employers Take Action to Reduce Unnecessary Diesel Idling

No-idle zones improve air quality and reduce operational expense

Since the 2008 launch of The Clean Air Campaign’s Diesel Idling Reduction Program, more than 60 employers and property managers in Georgia have taken the initiative to reduce unnecessary diesel engine idling among their fleets and at their work sites. Made possible by a grant from the UPS Foundation, the program has also educated more than 15,000 drivers about the harmful effects of vehicle idling.

“There is a strong business case to be made for establishing a no-idle policy,” said Executive Director Kevin Green. “It not only keeps pollution out of the air, but it improves operational efficiency. Less gas, less fleet maintenance and less wear on engine components are significant bottom-line budget considerations for this policy.”

Loading docks and delivery areas are the hot spots where you can usually find idling diesel engines. This exhaust is not only dangerous to drivers. Exhaust can also enter office buildings through air intakes, doors and windows, and studies show that diesel exhaust contains 15 carcinogenic pollutants. In Georgia, more business leaders are starting to take action to prevent harmful idling.

“We saw an opportunity to make an immediate difference in the air quality in and around our parking garages,” said Sean Cabrey of LAZ Parking. “After joining The Clean Air Campaign’s Diesel Idling Reduction Program, we enlisted the help of our Atlanta clients, and printed more than 50 “no-idle zone” signs for all of our delivery areas.”

“No-idle programs are the types of forward-thinking initiatives that should go in the pages of a company’s corporate sustainability report,” continued Green. “As more employers set out to cultivate a greener internal culture, this is another step toward that goal.”

The Clean Air Campaign continues to help Georgia employers develop best practices and policies for reducing unnecessary diesel engine idling, providing free “no-idle zone” signage, distributing educational and marketing materials, and providing the tools necessary to measure the impact and success of the Diesel Idling Reduction Program.

For more information about the program or to learn how your company can become a no-idle program participant, visit or call 1-877-CLEANAIR (1-877-253-2624).

About The Clean Air Campaign
The Clean Air Campaign is a not-for-profit organization that works with Georgia’s employers, commuters and schools to encourage actions that result in less traffic congestion and better air quality. To accomplish this goal, The Clean Air Campaign, along with its associate organizations, partners with more than 1,600 employers to create custom commute options programs; and annually helps thousands of commuters find commute alternatives that work for them, providing financial incentives to get them started. The Clean Air Campaign also protects public health by distributing Smog Alerts and empowers students, parents and teachers to play a positive role in reducing traffic and cleaning the air through a multi-faceted education program reaching elementary, middle and high schools.

Each day, these programs reduce 1.6 million miles of vehicle travel and keep 800 tons of pollution out of the air we breathe. For more information, call 1-877-CLEANAIR (1-877-253-2624) or visit

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