Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AGL Resources Sets New Company Record for Peak-Day Gas Delivery

/PRNewswire/ -- AGL Resources (NYSE:AGL) today (January 11) announced that its six distribution companies have helped customers weather the cold temperatures dominating the East Coast by breaking the company record for peak-day natural gas delivery twice during the past week.

On Jan. 8, the company delivered 3,078,064 dekatherms of natural gas to customers within AGL Resources' footprint, which stretches from New Jersey to Florida. The company operates Atlanta Gas Light in Georgia, Chattanooga Gas in Tennessee, Elizabethtown Gas in New Jersey, Elkton Gas in Maryland, Florida City Gas in Florida and Virginia Natural Gas in Virginia.

The new record enabled AGL Resources to surpass the 3 million dekatherm mark for the first time in the company's 154-year history. The company's previous peak-day delivery record was set just five days earlier. On Jan. 3, AGL Resources provided customers with 2,926,099 dekatherms of natural gas.

"This has been an exceptional cold snap for the eastern United States, and I am proud that our local distribution companies have responded by ensuring that our customers have had the natural gas they needed to stay warm and safe," said Hank Linginfelter, executive vice president of Utility Operations.

"The ability of natural gas to meet the needs of millions of customers during this demanding period is even more impressive when you consider that it is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel and that we have more than 100 years of proven reserves in North America," Linginfelter said. "When you add it all up, natural gas is unsurpassed when it comes to a safe and reliable energy source that is environmentally friendly and domestically abundant."

During the first eight days of 2010, AGL Resources' Gas Control organization managed the safe and efficient delivery of more than 21.5 million dekatherms of natural gas to customers in six states.

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