Monday, November 30, 2009

Georgia Consumers Compare Costs and Choices to Cut Heating Bills via

(BUSINESS WIRE)--With temperatures falling and gas bills rising, Georgia consumers are ensuring they’re staying warm at the lowest price possible by comparing options at

Deregulation of the gas industry has expanded choices and introduced competition, both of which benefit consumers. The challenge is to keep up with the options and the offers. is a free online resource to review and compare the costs and choices for natural gas, as well as other essential home services including high speed Internet, phone, cable TV, satellite TV, home security systems, and electricity.

By going to and entering a home address, Georgia consumers instantly see the options, prices, and promotions for all the home service providers in their area, including natural gas. Promotions and pricing options, such as fixed rates versus variable rates, are presented; and plans can be evaluated easily by using a side-by-side comparison tool. Allconnect’s service is free and comes with a lowest-available price guarantee. Consumers can also call 1-800-ALLCONNECT to reach a Home Service Consultant who can explain specific options.

“With the deregulation of natural gas in Georgia, consumers realize they have a choice when it comes to providers. Now they also have a convenient resource for evaluating the choices,” said Mark Miller, Allconnect CEO. “ makes it simple and less time-consuming with a free, one-stop resource for comparing options, as well as the different rate plans and special offers.”

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