Monday, June 29, 2009

America's Natural Gas Alliance: Natural Gas Leads to Domestically Produced Independence

/PRNewswire/ -- As our nation celebrates Independence Day, it is time for America to truly focus on reducing our dependence on energy sources from outside our borders, which is achievable thanks to new discoveries of clean, abundant natural gas here in America.

New and plentiful natural gas resources in North America should dramatically change the energy and climate debate in Washington. The Potential Gas Committee, a non-profit academic organization, recently released the latest in a string of authoritative reports confirming the abundance of natural gas in North America. Thanks to new gas field discoveries, the U.S. has a 100-year supply of natural gas that is growing with new technology.

Over the years, the United States has become more and more dependent on energy sources from volatile regions, raising national security concerns about our reliance on energy sources from outside our borders. The Center for a New American Security, a non-profit, non-partisan national security research organization, writes in a new report that "two-thirds of all oil reserves are in the Middle East, where instability and hostility to the United States run rife and can threaten economic and national security."

Natural gas can lead to domestically produced independence and because it is more than 50 percent cleaner than coal, it is better for the environment and can serve as the foundation for power generation and the expansion of renewable energy sources. The New York Times recently said that "natural gas could emerge as a critical transition fuel that could help to battle global warming." And because 98 percent of natural gas consumed in the United States is produced in North America, increased use would result in more jobs and economic growth.

"Securing our nation's independence did not come easy and neither will significantly reducing our dependence on energy from outside our borders but with innovation and new natural gas discoveries, America's clean energy future can be made right here in America," said Rod Lowman, president of America's Natural Gas Alliance. "Natural gas is clean, abundant and ready now to power our homes and automobiles today and for future generations."

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