Friday, February 13, 2009

GE Energy Turbine Island Refurbishment to Extend Reliable Operating Life of Hydro-Québec’s Gentilly-2 Nuclear Generating Station

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hydro-Québec, one of the largest electric utilities in North America, has selected GE Energy to perform a turbine island refurbishment that will extend the reliable operating life of the 675-megawatt Gentilly-2 nuclear generating station, a major supplier of electricity for Montreal and Québec City in Canada.

Located in Bécancour on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, Gentilly-2 provides approximately three percent of all power for the province of Quebec and is a key contributor to the stability of Hydro-Québec’s power grid. Hydro-Québec has estimated that the refurbishment will extend the plant’s operation to 2040.

Under contracts valued at more than US$120 million, GE Energy will replace and enhance key steam turbine and generator components, repair and align the turbine generator foundation and install a new control system.

“Hydro-Québec’s investment in the refurbishment of the Gentilly-2 nuclear generating station shows the critical value of the plant as part of the future of power generation in Québec and Canada,” said Trevor Bailey, general manager, steam product line for GE Energy. “GE has been selected to extend the operating life of this unit due to GE's extensive steam turbine generator and nuclear plant knowledge.”

Specifically, the work to be performed by GE Energy for the upgrade will include:

* Replacement and installation of two low-pressure steam turbine rotors
* Generator disassembly and reassembly; and a generator field rewind
* Replacement of the existing control system with a GE Mark VIe* system
* Turbine and generator alignment and foundation site services
* Installation of two new moisture separator re-heaters

The engineering and procurement phase of the generating station refurbishment is under way, with the construction work to start in 2011. The plant is expected to return to commercial service in 2012.

GE Energy has worked with Hydro-Quebec since the Gentilly-2 nuclear generating unit was commissioned in 1983, providing technical direction and support throughout this period. GE Energy is a world leader in the design and manufacture of nuclear steam turbines, generators and controls as well as being a full service provider of installation and services for these products.

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