Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gingrey: Democrat energy bill = “NOT-A” Energy Plan

U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey today made the following statement after Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat leadership refused to allow a vote on the comprehensive American Energy Act and instead offered a hoax bill that would permanently prevent exploration of nearly 90 percent of our nation’s oil resources:

“This bill is designed to do little except provide political cover for the Majority. By rejecting a full, open, and fair debate on meaningful legislation that will increase the supply of domestic energy resources, the Democratic Majority is blocking the will of the American people.

Throughout the month of August, the Democratic Leadership was given an earful by the American people, who demanded that we break the chains of OPEC by drilling our own energy sources on the Outer Continental Shelf. This sham of a bill before us today proves that the Majority may have heard those demands by the American people – but they sure weren’t listening very well.

Mr. Speaker, for months now, my Republican colleagues and I have been on the House floor – even when the House was not in session – asking for an up or down vote on H.R. 6566, the American Energy Act. This comprehensive, “All of the Above” approach is what the American people want to solve our energy crisis. It includes drilling that provides incentives for states through revenue sharing, the development of renewable and alternative fuels, the utilization of nuclear power, and the promotion of energy conservation.

Instead, the Democratic Majority has brought forward a bill today that is a “None of the Above” energy bill – indeed “NOT-A” energy bill. H.R. 6899 allows for offshore drilling, but only in a very limited way. This bill denies revenue-sharing to the very states who boldly decide to allow energy exploration off their shores. Exactly how many states does the Democratic Majority think will choose to enact this? That answer is simple – zero. This legislation will deliver little – if any – expanded drilling, and is unacceptable to the American people who have asked Congress for solutions instead of political grandstanding.”

Below, please find the video and audio of Congressman Gingrey’s remarks on the House Floor in opposition to this “no energy” energy plan. To watch the videos, click on the links below, or paste the link into your web browser.

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