Saturday, August 16, 2008

T. Boone Pickens' Plan on Wind Energy

Lately many have been seeing and hearing T. Boone Pickens on the radio and television promoting his plan promoting wind power. He states that 20% of our power could come from this source in the ads.

The staff at the Fayette Front Page and friends were talking about the commercials recently and we decided to do a short blog on the subject.

The Wikepedia info was particularly interesting. Pickens is certainly the American Dream in action! He is ranked, per Wik, as the 117th wealthiest person in the states with a net worth of over 3 billion. An amazing number to try and comprehend!

He is using his own money to promote the plan. Even knowing how much money he has at his disposal, spending the amount of money he must be spending to do the advertising on major networks and radio stations (and possibly newspapers) shows a strong commitment to his idea.

To do so also says he must have the research and data to substantiate his claims.

20% doesn't sound like a huge number in the scheme of things. However, if you start looking at where we are getting our energy now that percentage is substantial and would have a huge impact on our economy. A positive impact if true.

Here's a few bits of info from his site ( and others:
  • In 1970, we imported 24% of our oil. Today it's nearly 70% and growing.
  • A 2005 Stanford University study found that there is enough wind power worldwide to satisfy global demand 7 times over — even if only 20% of wind power could be captured.
  • The Department of Energy reports that 20% of America's electricity can come from wind.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy released a report confirming the feasibility of wind power generating 20% of the country’s electricity needs by 2030 – which would reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation by an amount equivalent to taking 140 million vehicles off the roads.

We invite you to decide for yourself. Here are some links to help start your own research: (American Wind Energy Association)

T. Boone Pickens Wind Vision Can Rapidly Become a Reality
July 8 - The American Wind Energy Association today welcomed the campaign launched by T. Boone Pickens to strengthen U.S. economic and energy security by boosting wind power production and confirmed that ramping up wind power quickly on a large scale is feasible if the government enacts the correct policies, starting with renewal of the production tax credit. More

Wind Energy
Explains how moving air can be used to produce energy.

US Department of Energy Wind and Hydropower Technologies
Information on the DOE wind and hydro energy program, wind power projects, wind turbine technology and research, and wind energy basics.

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