Thursday, July 31, 2008

Westmoreland: Don’t Leave Town Without a Vote on Energy

Today as members of Congress prepare to begin a five-week recess, U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland implored his colleagues on the floor of the House to stay in session until they can vote on the American Energy Act, which would give our nation an “all of the above” energy policy to increase supply.

“There is no greater issue facing the American people today, and the House Democratic leadership is showing everybody how out of touch they are with the daily lives of working families,” Westmoreland said. “Republicans are offering the common-sense solutions that Americans are demanding. We want to work; they want to vacation. We say, ‘Give us lower gas prices’; they say, ‘Pass the sunscreen and order me another drink with one of those umbrellas in it.’”

The American Energy Act would boost U.S. production, conservation and innovation to lower the cost of energy. Even though more than 70 percent of Americans support opening up new energy exploration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to allow a vote on new drilling on the floor of the House for an up-or-down vote. In fact, she said it’s a “hoax” that more energy production would bring down the price of gasoline.

“I encourage Americans to call the House switchboard, and tell their Democratic members of Congress and Nancy Pelosi to let us vote,” Westmoreland said. “The Democratic majority is in a special-interest headlock – the environmental extremists who are funding their campaigns won’t let them do what is best for the American people. Just this week the Sierra Club said the United States is ‘better off without cheap gas.’ Well, that’s not how my constituents in Georgia feel. That’s now how small business owners trying to meet their payroll feel. That’s not how people who can’t afford to take their families on vacation feel. Those voices need to be heard on the floor of the U.S. House. Instead, a majority of Democrats, including almost all of the Georgia Democrats, voted to jet off on vacation.”

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